See how much your coworking space is worth

Answer 10 questions to get an estimate. Our valuation tool will give you a sense of how much your coworking business is worth. Results in 5 minutes or less. You've built your business - now see what it's worth. Coworking business owners are great at building up a business, getting it established, and making sure the space is successful. From giant coworking brands and chains like WeWork, Industrious, Serendipity Labs, Regis, Galvanize, and Venture X, to the thousands of independent coworking brands across the United States - there's a huge market for consolidating companies. Our free coworking valuation calculator can help you assess the true worth and value of your company, so you can sell your hard work at a fair price or understand the value of your existing chain for expansion into other markets.

Value your coworking space

Coworking business valuations are dependent on a number of variables. We recommend that you use our DenSwap valuation tool. Our coworking space valuation calculator compiles data across the current market using real-world sales to help determine the value of your space.

Sell your coworking space

If you're looking to sell your coworking company, DenSwap is the industry-leading expert in matching coworking businesses to other brands looking to buy. Our proprietary online platform connects buyers and sellers in the shared space industry. DenSwap's list of interested buyers include property owners, commercial real estate agents, commercial developers, mixed-use residential spaces with coworking spaces included as part of the property, existing coworking brands looking to expand to new regions, and independent or fund investors. Our buyers' list represents millions in available funds ready to purchase spaces like yours.

Listing your space for sale with DenSwap is easy and takes about thirty minutes. Create an account, then tell your story and enter your financials. We'll work with you to prepare your online listing, then review the final price and goals before your listing goes live. After that, you'll get matched to buyers and see buyers come in through DenSwap's communication platform. Discuss, negotiate and agree on terms. Buyers will contact you on DenSwap's secure platform. When you've gotten a good offer, it's time to complete the sale. Complete due diligence through DenSwap's document vault along with a contract of sale, receive payment and exchange assets. DenSwap even includes the escrow process to protect all parties and provides pre-approved loans for qualified buyers. We've made the process simple and easy for all parties.

Why list your coworking space with DenSwap

DenSwap is the original marketplace for selling coworking businesses, and we’re still the #1 place to sell. We proactively match prospective buyers with your space, and include additional consulting work to make sure that both the buyer and seller are set up for success. If you'd like to contact us to discuss either buying or selling your coworking space, contact us at or check out our current coworking spaces for sale.